We are experts in sustainable events.

We use our decades of collective experience and established knowledge base to organise memorable and professional events and foster connections while helping you showcase your commitment to the values that matter to you. And matter to us.


The Team

Panka Körmendy

Senior Event Mananger

Savvy event manager with a strong solution focus and 300+ events behind her. After 10 years at leading event management agencies, she’s seen it all. Composting enthusiast, lover of local, seasonal produce. Never used a cotton bag less than 131 times. Always on the lookout for new ways to trim her ecological footprint here and there.

Szabolcs Pécsi

CEO & Founder

CEO, veteran event manager with 10+ years of industry experience. Passionate about translating complex event planning processes into a seamless flow of easy decisions for clients. Believes that his daughter deserves a chance to grow up in a liveable environment – and go fishing on the Danube at Ráckeve for as long as she wants.

Gyuri Ruisz


Seasoned communicator, entrepreneur, avid supporter of circular economy models. Believes that small businesses have a huge role in making our world a greener place. Finds corporate events and festivals key to educating people on eco-conscious living, sustainability and zero-waste practices.

Nikolett Gintner

Event Manager

It’s rare for someone to know what they want to do when they’re 18, but Niki chose event organising without a doubt when she went to college. She gathered experience from a client point of view for several years before joining our team to pursue what was most appealing to her even as an entrant: sustainable events. Thus, environmental protection has become a keystone not only in her private life but also at work.

Krisztina Németh

Event Manager

Krisztina, also known as Kiki, has been organizing events for 9 years. She has gathered her experience at various events, and under her comprehensive project management, several internationally recognized, outstanding events have taken place in their respective categories. A great friend of wildlife and nature, her commitment to environmental protection is evident in her work. With her positive attitude and rich experience, she strives to make the most out of every event.

Kitti Dubán

Marketing Manager

As a Marketing Manager, Copywriter, and versatile creative professional, Kitti oversees brand communication and infuses distinctive elements into every event’s theme to make it more memorable and unique. The term“brand value” proudly claims its position on the first page of her dictionary - boldly challenging grammatical norms. Immediately following is “mindfulness”, which not only means a connection with nature but also a certain purposefulness in every task.

"We always deliver more than expected: the principle of synergy applies to us, too: the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. That's the beauty of teamwork."

Szabolcs, CEO of HighVibes Events

Our Partners

Zöldövezet Foundation

The members of Zöldövezet Társulás work tirelessly to reduce events’ environmental impact, organise charity team-building activities, turn waste into playhouses, do eco-conscious gardening, and teach zero-waste hacks. Plus, they promote the efficient use of materials and resources and pro-environmental behaviours in consumption.

WWF Hungary Foundation

The WWF Hungary Foundation works to protect and restore our local natural values. They work in line with the largest international nature conservation organisation worldwide but with local objectives in mind. We work together with WWF Hungary to offset our carbon footprint. To do so, we support the Tiszaug project. The organisation's specialists are restoring the floodplain areas with reforestation as a part of habitat reconstruction. This way, the area will not only absorb carbon dioxide but also function as a complete ecosystem again – a comprehensive solution for a complex problem.

Felelős Gasztrohős

Felelős Gasztrohős aims to help people develop greener, healthier and more sustainable eating habits and create eco-friendly culinary solutions for us and the planet. See them for yourself at our events.


MyForest is a local community reforestation project that aims to create a joint platform for doubling the amount of forests on the planet. To help them achieve this goal, we calculate the harmful emissions of each event we organise and plant trees to make up for it.


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