A team-building sports event

We brought the summertime lake side to Budapest for a team-building event for around 100 people. A lot of them arrived from Geneva to Hungary to spend a few days in the heart of Europe. The client asked for an active, sporty event where they can let the healthy competitive spirit out of the bottle.

Dürer Garden
type of event

The project

A few months after a postponed Christmas party, management decided it was safe for the employees to meet again. After a long time without seeing each other because of the pandemic, they wanted a fun, leisurely event to leave every difficulty behind. It was already summery, and a sporty teambuilding day seemed perfect to bring the team closer together. Some had not met in person yet!

Based on client feedback, the event was successful, and the employees of Syngenta Services had a great time together. The collaboration between HighVibes and Syngenta has remained strong ever since!

The event

As requested by the client, we organised a fun teambuilding event for approximately 100 people, emphasising active and sports-oriented activities, where healthy competition could be encouraged. Of course, this was set in a summer environment, with food and drinks, by the waterside.

We made sure to involve everyone in activities by forming teams with different colour codes, who took turns at each station. We had to make plans flexible to accommodate changes in attendance. The agenda was optional, so we designed everything to allow participants to join as many activities as they wanted. We arranged a SUP race and a group dragon boating. Participants could also play table tennis, badminton, and volleyball and practice yoga and tai chi. Those less inclined to engage in sports could play board games, lie on the grass, chat, and enjoy cocktails.

What made it sustainable?

Sustainability was a priority for the event, primarily aimed at avoiding unnecessary pollution:

  • We chose a venue close to the office, allowing colleagues to walk there.
  • We implemented a reusable cup system at the venue.
  • We brought large bottles of water, which we returned to recycling later.
  • Nature provided the decoration and ambience.
  • Any unavoidable waste generated during the event was properly disposed of in recycling bins.
  • Instead of individual drink packages, we used drink vouchers to reduce waste.