Shaping tomorrow: E.ON gala sets the standard for sustainable events

In a brilliant display of dedication, the E.ON award show and gala unfolded to celebrate unsung heroes shaping a sustainable future. Hosted at the Crowne Plaza Budapest, this event recognised the “Champions of the Earth” – devoted educators fostering eco-conscious minds – and set a new standard for sustainable event management.

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Crowne Plaza Budapest
Awards show
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What made it sustainable?

The gala’s commitment to sustainability extended to every detail. We worked with Crowne Plaza Budapest to make the venue sustainable: they provided an excellent base for us to transform the place into a green haven with live plants and a lush plant wall for aesthetics – and as a tangible reminder for guests to take home a piece of nature. These sustainable decorations underscored the event’s dedication to creating an eco-friendly atmosphere. Unique trophies were crafted from driftwood, and the florariums symbolised the resilience of sustainable ideas. Each trophy not only celebrated the awardees but also showcased the power of innovation and commitment to a greener tomorrow, aligning seamlessly with the principles of sustainable event planning. Even the press gifts were a testament to sustainability, featuring smiling apples sustainably wrapped in reusable napkins from the Autistic Art Foundation’s artists.

The culinary experience was equally conscious, with green catering sourced from Szomor Ecofarm, a local sustainable farm. The finger food options, delicious and environmentally conscious, highlighted the gala’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint through responsible sourcing – a true embodiment of the farm-to-table approach.

Education & communication

The gala also served as an educational hub, hosting green roundtables and presentations. Awardees, enthusiasts and experts gathered, exchanging ideas and insights. LED posters gave an account of the event’s sustainable efforts and the details of carbon neutralization.