Santa party and a two-day year-end event

Syngenta, a leading provider of sustainable and innovative agricultural solutions, prepares a special surprise for its employees and their families every year during Christmas. In 2022, we organised a memorable Santa Claus Day for the children and a two-day year-end event in the Mátra Mountains for the employees.

Madách Theatre
Year-end event
type of event

The project

The whole-day company Santa Claus event and the two-day year-end celebration provided an excellent opportunity for relaxation, community building, and commemorating a successful year. The Santa Claus celebration took place in the beautiful and unique Madách Theatre. The prestigious venue was exclusively reserved for Syngenta employees and their families on that day, where professional actors performed the tale of “Vuk.” We organised a year-end event for the adults – a two-day retreat in the picturesque Mátra Mountains, attended by around 100 people. The program’s core included leadership evaluations, colleagues’ acknowledgements, and the celebration of achievements and successes.

Festive Atmosphere

After the theatrical performance, Santa Claus arrived, bringing gifts for every child. Gift distribution was assisted by a Krampus, ensuring that everyone received their packages smoothly and had a great time during the anticipation. Meanwhile, the adults prepared for the end of the year with mulled wine, tea, and roasted chestnuts. Following the official programs and enjoying the catering specialities, the party continued. We concluded the year-end event with casino games and a karaoke night, allowing Syngenta employees to sing, play, and celebrate freely.