Partners we trust

Partners we trust

In order to create the greenest event possible, we’ve teamed up with several experts and organizations to support each other. We are primarily event organizers with a comprehensive zero waste background knowledge that we can rely on. However, there’s always room for improvement: our partners help us to get as close as perfection as possible. They check the menus, help us when it comes to waste management, energy efficiency or the calculations of emissions in event logistics. Occasionally they also join our events with playful, educational or social assistance programs!


The members of Zöldövezet Társulás work tirelessly on reducing events’ environmental impact, organising charity team building activities, turning waste into playhouses, doing eco-conscious gardening and teaching zero-waste hacks. Plus, they promote the efficient use of materials and resources and pro-environmental behaviors in consumption.

WWF Hungary Foundation

WWF Hungary Foundation

The WWF Hungary Foundation works to protect and restore our local natural values. They work in line with the largest international nature conservation organization worldwide, but with local objectives in mind. We work together with WWF Hungary to offset our carbon footprint. In order to do so we support the Tiszaug-project. The organization's specialists are restoring the floodplain areas with reforestation as a part of habitat reconstruction. This way the area will not only absorb carbon dioxide, but also function as a complete ecosystem again – a comprehensive solution for a complex problem.

Felelős Gasztrohős

The mission of Felelős Gasztrohős is to help people develop greener, healthier and more sustainable eating habits and to create eco-friendly culinary solutions both for us and the planet. See them for yourself at our events or read all about them on our blog.


MyForest is a local community reforestation project that aims to create a joint platform for doubling the amount of forests on the planet. Helping them achieve this goal, we calculate the harmful emissions of each event we organise and plant trees to make up for it.

Budapest Bike Maffia (BBM)

BBM has set out to find new and creative ways to help the homeless, families in need and social services and to raise awareness to fight prejudice. Harnessing the power of the cycling community, they deliver food, blankets and vitamins to those in need. They make sure that untouched food from our events finds its way to charities as part of the JótÉtel initiative

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